Subspace Nights : Knite Games

Toxic Teeth had been moving steadily to secure tactical marketing positions in trading industries for our vested interests since the mid 2010’s. In 2017, with half a dozen buyout offers from competitors, conglomerate companies, and medium sized governments on the table it was time to make a decision that would forever alter the trajectory our corporate interests would take. We  decided Toxic Teeth would resist any buyout offer and stay self-owned. We used the remainder of our company capitol to finish our first products since Rigid Body : Hard Surface and bring them to the open market by ourselves using the marketing avenues we had secured over the the 2010’s. We could not guarantee we would make a return and be able to fund our ventures, but as history has shown the risk paid off for Toxic Teeth.

The flagship product of that effort is Subspace Nights : Knite Games. Presented here is the third revision, or REV-03. The second revision, REV-02, addressed complaints from eastern Europe users who stated aspects of the product could cause both blindness and diarrhea, but never just either. REV-03 is a minor level adjustment release for new iPhone and Android devices that support the new rectal bass Bluetooth module.

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