Rigid Body : Hard Surface

With the restrictions of the Shumer Accord lifted Toxic Teeth began to experiment and, again, restructure. By storing data in clouds we could increase our throughput over 45% on overcast days while only decreasing throughput 10% on cloudless days. Rigid Body was the first result of this restructure but was met with mixed reviews in it’s initial testing phase. Remaining committed to our promise of quality and customer satisfaction, Rigid Body went into redesign with the feedback we gathered. Statistical analysis revealed people approved of the product’s broad concepts, but felt it lacked the focus and robustness of Toxic Teeth’s previous products. Toxic Teeth absorbed several smaller firms in Asia and Eastern Europe and leveraged their unique business principles to get Rigid Body back on track. In two years and several more revisions Toxic Teeth released Rigid Body : Hard Surface to Asian markets in 2014 and international markets in 2015. 

Rigid Body : Hard Surface had the most expensive design and production cycles in Toxic Teeth’s history. Instead of releasing a product that was not ready for massive public use, Toxic Teeth stayed unwaveringly committed to setting a new industry standard in quality to great success. Rigid Body : Hard Surface remains as Toxic Teeth’s flagship product to date, dominating the markets it’s used in.