A Selection For Grandma

Yo grandma, you said you wanted to hear some of our music, well this is some of the more normal sounding stuff. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Check the rest of the site out if you want to hear some of the weirder things.

Subspace Nights : Knite Games

Toxic Teeth had been moving steadily to secure tactical marketing positions in trading industries for our vested interests since the mid 2010’s. In 2017, with half a dozen buyout offers from competitors, conglomerate companies, and medium sized governments on the table it was time to make a decision that would forever alter the trajectory our corporate interests would take. We  decided Toxic Teeth would resist any buyout offer and stay self-owned. We used the remainder of our company capitol to finish our first products since Continue reading →

Space Daize

In 2009 we used market research to determine where trends were going and came back with one big takeaway. The kids were listening to music. In 2007 music had made it into 63% of all American households and was estimated to grow to 80% by 2010. Our brand, Toxic Teeth, had been making some form of sound since 2004, so we determined creating a product like a “music album” would be relatively low risk if we could do it in-house. So Kevin and Matt sat Continue reading →

Soular EP

After analyzing the performance of Toxic Teeth’s first product Space Daize we adjusted our workflow for greater production efficiency and developed the Soular EP in 2010 to wide public release.

Music to Sleep To

  Music to Sleep To (Originally called Music to Sleep to For Rollie Mostly in D Juxtaposed Over Soothing Cricket Sounds) was originally a prototype garden hose we were planning to release in China for their budget home landscaping market. As the release date drew nearer another company beat us to market and we were forced to reconsider our position. Over a month of brainstorm sessions we decided to modify the stock of product we had in warehouse into another “Music Album”. While the troubled Continue reading →

Precedence Day

In 2011 Toxic Teeth went through an internal restructure and hired another employee. We invested further into market research, utilizing an emerging technology, the internet.The resulting product, Precedence Day, was a success at every level, both publicly and internally.  The success of Precedence Day was even featured on the cover of “Happy Kitchen” in late 2011.  

Ode To Primitive Man

Ode To Primitive Man is the result of a mandatory company-wide trust building retreat Toxic Teeth undertook in 2012. After the retreat we tested Ode to Primitive Man in select markets with positive reviews. A defect was discovered in 2014 forcing Toxic Teeth to recall and replace all product with an updated version as is given here. Although this recall and redesign was costly, our quick response time and commitment to quality helped us maintain our sterling reputation internationally.

Leopard Jungle Space Snake

In 2014 market research suggested we needed to diversify our portfolio if we wanted to hold on to our influence in emerging markets. We sought professional consultation with another firm, MR. NASTI. After four recursionary design phases and market sampling in Brazil we arrived at Leopard Jungle Space Snake which we released in late 2014 to international markets.

Sonday Porche

Sonday Porche is a contractually obligated “music album” that upon finishing released us from a set of creative restrictions known as the Shumer Accord. At Toxic Teeth we are committed to every product we develop and Sonday Porche is no exception. That being said, Sonday Porche for Toxic Teeth symbolizes the end of structuring our company with an old, outmoded business model and our emergence into rapidly changing technology markets. Restrictions like vocals on left channel only, -1 db volume max, an enforced tempo range Continue reading →

Rigid Body : Hard Surface

With the restrictions of the Shumer Accord lifted Toxic Teeth began to experiment and, again, restructure. By storing data in clouds we could increase our throughput over 45% on overcast days while only decreasing throughput 10% on cloudless days. Rigid Body was the first result of this restructure but was met with mixed reviews in it’s initial testing phase. Remaining committed to our promise of quality and customer satisfaction, Rigid Body went into redesign with the feedback we gathered. Statistical analysis revealed people approved of Continue reading →