Meet The Team

Between all 5 team members here at Toxic Teeth we have over 7 years of combined professional experience. We are confident we can serve your particular and discreet needs. Meet our staff and see for yourself.

Kevin Tillery – CEO and Founder

Kevin started Toxic Teeth over a decade ago in his garage on one basic principle. Throughout his tenure he has refined and expanded this principle into what Toxic Teeth is today.

Matt Lawhead – CTO

Early in Toxic Teeth’s incubation Matt saw potential in the startup and invested heavily in the venture. Matt, however, was not content just in financial investment and quickly got on board at the ground level and has heavily influenced what Toxic Teeth is today.

Danny Hoggatt – Key Strategist / CFO

Danny, although a relative newcomer to Toxic Teeth, has helped to oversee a massive expansion and has since become an invaluable member to the team.

Colin Pearson – Low End Operations Manager / COO

Also a relative newcomer to the team, Colin has provided invaluable insight to the ground level operations at Toxic Teeth and has solidified his place as a core team member.

Jackson Lawhead – Lead Marketing Strategist / CMO

Jackson has been a behind-the-scenes influence on Toxic Teeth almost since it’s inception but has recently stepped up into a more prominent role as Toxic Teeth’s Lead Marketing Strategist.