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Zorbor's Gold: Zorbor's Revenge

The wise Keeper of the station

Zorbor's Gold: Zorbor's Revenge is, like many of my other projects, sadly unfinished. It is still very playable though. It's a tower defense game I made as a learning project. Since nothing is named in there, you'll want to know that you find the Keeper and research new weapons by going all the way left in the main menu. Complete the set amount of waves in either difficulty to get the much valued gold and research new towers. The story of Zorbor is as follows:

This is about how I imagine Zorbor to look like.In the last century of the current epoch, centenia eleven, an organic substance called VGOPM: Volatile Growing Organic Puss Mass. This substance reacted with the higher element, only known as Element X, and a sentient species called Zorbor! In the beginning Zorbor was playful but soon his playful nature subsided and he became a vile tyrannical beast set on collecting all of the gold in the known galaxy!

By centenia seventeen the organism known as Zorbor had collected 97.825% of the known gold in the galaxy, all other species in the galaxy were on the verge of extinction... Until, A great Humon known as Jessyfus managed to find some of the last known gold in the galaxy. With the very meger portion of gold Jessyfus constructed a number of powerful energy weapons and set them in towers in order to conquer the mighty Zorbor!

Two centenia have passed since the war with Zorbor was fought, half of the galaxy still lays in ruin but the lords and ladies still work to build a better tomorrow. There are many still left scared, mutated, mangled and destitute because of the power of mighty Zorbor. Some say that he is plotting a return... a revenge.

All of the gold is held in one impenetrable complex, Fort Box. It is still guarded with the towers that once were used to slay mighty Zorbor. If his Puss Mutant Spawn do come, then it'll be Zorbor's Gold: Zorbor's Revenge!

Play Zorbor's Gold: Zorbor's Revenge

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