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Space Daize

Space Daize is an album we wrote while living near Nashville in the Winter of 2009. We used Toxic's poorly insulated bedroom for the recording space, and I think both the cold of the room and the cold of space made it audibly into the album. One thing I thought was was really cool about this realease is that Toxic and I (Doc Otonomo being at absent at the time) wrote it seperately together. We working different shifts of the same day job at the time. While Toxic was away, I would write (almost) all of the music that went into Space Daize, and while I was gone Toxic would write and record (almost) all of the songs and vocals. I feel like we really honed in on the theme that Space Daize took on and it was effortless to stay in sync.


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Toxic Teeth is the name we put all of our creative works under, whether it be Music, Software, or, God-forbid, visual art of some kind. We use Toxic Teeth because it's the name we've always used.


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