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Sonday Porche

Sonday Porche is our 2013 addition to the ever growing Music Alternative catalog, along side another Burd & Terp archival release and Hemp's original and highly acclaimed "Sounds I Make When I Wake Up". We sincerely hope this release lives up to the standards set by those and previous Music Alternative releases, offering something new and refreshing in addition to them. This collection of sounds sounds best while sitting on your front porch(e) on a very cold night around the third listen through, and then it also sounds pretty good on the sixth listen through later while your getting your frostbitten toes treated.

Tip: Be respectful to others at a doctor's office or emergency room, use headphones. Not everybody has the highly refined sense of taste one requires to appreciate Music Alternative. Plus, everyone hates a secret and they'll ask you what the great and foreign sounds you're listening to are. When you tell them (sell us up a bit please) how amazing and wonderfully fulfilling Music Alternative is, we'll add another convert into our cult fanbase! I mean cult.

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Toxic Teeth is the name we put all of our creative works under, whether it be Music, Software, or, God-forbid, visual art of some kind. We use Toxic Teeth because it's the name we've always used.


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