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Precedence Day

Our 2010 sophmore album Precedence Day was a step up for us more under the hood than anything else. If Space Daize was good because of it's free natue (we didn't record to click tracks) and raw spacey atmosphere (bad at mixing) then Precedence Day is good because of the opposite (except we could be better at mixing still). We even sent this off to our good buddy Nick Naioti, or MR. NASTI, to smooth out what rough edges he could and master the whole thing. The result is a little more structured and thought out than previous works, while still retaining all the loosey goosey principles, or lack thereof, that we record music by.

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Toxic Teeth is the name we put all of our creative works under, whether it be Music, Software, or, God-forbid, visual art of some kind. We use Toxic Teeth because it's the name we've always used.


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