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Music To Sleep To

This is an instrumental album I did for people with a baby's mentality. Adults like it too. Babies like crickets, so in the version for them I jacked up some cricket sounds, which is the main reason it's effective for getting them to FINALLY fall asleep. For those who could really just care less about crickets I put up a version without them. This one is different in a couple ways. It was mostly adlib recordings and I didn't name any of them, also the crickets had to play without any gap. So this is presented as one 40~ min. track, which means if you like a particular track you will have to do some hacking if you want to single it out.

Some people tell me they actually sleep to this, and I still like a lot of what's in here. If you do enjoy this, you should definitely go listen to Ode To Primitive Man which in many ways is the "Music To Sleep To 2.0".

Music To Sleep To I'm A Baby And Need Those Crickets Dowload This Without The Crickets


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