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I'm a Slam Dunk
Toxic Teeth

My passions include studying slime molds and playing basketball. I'm the pretty boy of the band. When I'm not out on the town, I'mm hittin' the hoops. I'm a bad boy.

I'm Known For Irradiating Dogs
Lt. Octagon

I enjoy long, breezy walks during the sunset through my underground tourture chamber. Everything I touch turns to salt and I am known for irradiating dogs.

The Boys
Doc Otonomo Fraction

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Real Newsletter - Snail Mail!

We are starting a real live newsletter, where you sign up for it, and then periodically we will send you exclusive CDs, News (ha), maybe even a poster or two! I know you want it it, so

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Shameless Plug

So I do another website where you can stream some great old movies and old time radio online on you desktop, tablet, or phone. It's probably the most amazing thing you've ever seen. It's called Old Time Movies and Radio. Pretty awesomely unique title if I do say so myself.


Toxic Teeth is the name we put all of our creative works under, whether it be Music, Software, or, God-forbid, visual art of some kind. We use Toxic Teeth because it's the name we've always used.


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